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okay but imagine Thor and Jane being all domestic, living together or at least to some extent playing house, and imagine them getting into huge fights where things get heated and Jane starts to use her knowledge of mythology for some sick burns.

"of course, OF COURSE i can’t talk sense with a man who tRIED TO DRINK AN OCEAN


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inspired by (x)

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Dalison with Vince

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I just hit 100 followers. I don’t know how to celebrate so many people liking the same weird ass shit that I do so… here’s a confused/grateful selfie.

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WWTD: What Would Tim Do?

On the cusp of my teenage years, I fell in love with a broken boy on the cover of a comic book.

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Alan Tudyk’s and Nathan Fillion’s encounter with Justin Bieber at the Halo 3 release party (x)

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You tried.  

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